Tree of Life Collective
Tree of Life Collective

The Tree Of Life Collective

Education, Tips and Recipes for Natural Wellness

About Us

We are a natural focused yet open minded group of people who love to support one another in achieving natural wellness related goals and a less toxic lifestyle. We utilize the purest essential oils, supplements, cleaning products and personal care products to do so. Our community exists to educate about all of the above.

Why You Should Join Us

It matters who you enroll with. The fact is, there are many amazing groups out there but we happen believe that we are quite possibly the best, insert sarcastic giggles. But really, we are super open minded. Some join our tribe because they want safer cleaning options but love Doritos on the daily, cool. We do not judge. This is your journey and we are here to meet you where you are at. We believe in personal autonomy and freedom of choice without feeling judged for any of those choices! 

A Big Thanks

Your support and enrollment with our tribe not only makes the world a smidge more chemical free but it also helps others earn an income for their families. When you are an active member of this group, you are part of the solution for many others who are building a life of freedom and abundance. Thank you. You simply rock.